Custom Machined Parts

Some of the numerous custom machined parts that we manufacture include:

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Valve Disc, Valve Replacement Parts and Ball Valve Seats

Valve discs and ball valve seats can be machined according to your drawings or samples. We can also machine the gaskets, bushings, stem packing and other hardware needed for your ball valve kits.

Piston Cups and Piston Rings

Various piston cups and piston rings are available in standard and metric sizes. We also offer step cut piston rings. Expander rings are available to load your piston ring in a standard or reworked groove. We can also machine wear bands from various materials to meet your needs. Wear bands are available solid or split.

Rod Wipers, Seals and Buffer Rings

Various rod wipers, rod seals and buffer rings are available in standard and metric sizes. Standard and machined loader rings are also available.

Chevron Rings, V-Rings and V-Packing Sets

We can machine individual v-rings and complete v-packing sets. Standard, Chevron, AN Style, S-Design and many other styles are available in standard and metric sizes. They are also available solid or split.

Gaskets, Seals, O-Rings and Backup Rings

We can supply v-type, square cut or u-shaped envelopes with or without bolt holes and/or with fillers. Other gaskets and seals can be machined to meet your requirements. We can machine o-rings sizes that are standard, metric or custom. We also machine standard and metric back up rings and they are available solid or split.

Wedge Rings and Spacers

Wedge rings are machined to your drawings or samples. We can also supply them with o-rings if needed. Spacers are available to meet your standard or custom sizes. Spacers with bolt holes and/or threaded fluid holes are also available

Lantern Rings

We machine many styles of lantern rings. They can be of one or two piece construction. We can drill, slot, tap and/or pin them to meet your requirements. They are available solid or split.

Dip Pipes

Dip pipes are available to meet your specific needs. The flanges can be threaded, glued and/or pinned to the pipe. Bolt holes can be drilled through the flange and we can also drill or slot holes through the tube itself.


We can machine bellows per your drawings or samples.

Cutting Boards

Our cutting boards are made from 1/2" thick Sanolite. This is a polyethylene with a textured surface specially made for cutting boards and is FDA compliant. Our most popular sizes are 10" x 14" and 14" x 22". They have a 1/8" deep x 1/4" wide groove around the cutting area to prevent juices from running off the board. We can engrave names and/or logos underneath the handle. These cutting boards are great for personal use and make excellent gifts for family, friends and customers.

Stainless Steel V-Springs

We stock v-spring in the following sizes: 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 series.

Other Parts and Prototypes

We can machine just about any size or shape. Please check our capabilities section to see a chart on our machining capabilities. If it is a simple part we can machine it according to your sizes that are verbally given. For more complicated parts it is better to supply a detailed drawing or a sample. Also, if you can provide us with a Cad drawing in a DXF or IGES format, we can download it into our Gibbs programming software for our CNC machines.

We can machine from your dimensions, prints, drawings, sketches, or from your samples. We also accept Cad drawings in a DXF or IGES format that we can download into our Gibbs programming software for our CNC machines.

Custom Molded PTFE Rods and Tubes


  • 1" to 6" Diameter up to 12" Long
  • 6" to 10" Diameter up to 8" Long


  • 1 1/2" OD to 14" OD x 12" Long
  • 14" OD to 32" OD x 8" Long

Larger Sizes and Lengths are Available Upon Request


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